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Donation Page
As a  non-commercial academic communication forum, boxuscience.com is a totally  free website and we try to keep it this way. That’s why we accept  donations. Donations are used for the site only and not for anything  else. The money that gets donated are for site improvements, server  upgrades and maintenance and other things related to myescience. While  you do not have to donate it is greatly appreciated. People who wish to  donate will get some none-material reward as follows:
You  will obtain credites as many as the donation amount (count by dollar),  which means you can get 20000 credites if you donate 100 dollars.

100 $= 30000 credits
200$= 70000 credits

donation amount<10 dollars will only get credites , one dollar=200 credites
10$= 2000 credits

you  can use paypal to donate, click the orange donate of index, or you can  donate will western union

0. Donation methods:

1. After donated, please reply at the special thread
Your ID:
The donation amount:
Donation time:
Other things you want to know or wan to tell us:
You can choose to hide the above information with 100000 credites.

2. We will update your profile after your reply here

3. Any questions please PM Admin yang.huang218@gmail.com

4. Our paypal is yang.huang218@gmail.com
what is paypal? paypal is online payment tools, you can use this link to register paypal https://www.paypal.com/c2/mrb/pal=WNSTPW6ECNUC8 to support our site,
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